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Digital marketing has become a critical investment for any thriving business that wants to grow its customer base and increase revenues. This is true no matter how big or small a business is, no matter its location, and regardless of what specific consumer markets it serves. Search engines drive large numbers of visitors to all types of businesses, but only for those businesses that appear prominently in relevant search rankings. When you do not appear in page one of user search listings, the amount of organic traffic funneled to your site drops dramatically. Who will hunt through page 5 to get an emergency plumber, or much of anything else for that matter?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is crucial to getting – and maintaining – high search rankings for your site. This is why there is such high demand for quality SEO services these days and why it will continue to be important in the years ahead.

SEO isn’t just for large, national firms. Small, local businesses benefit tremendously from organic traffic driven by search engines. Hardly anyone uses a phone book any more to find anything, whether it be a dentist or a cool toy or a car towing service. When was the last time you used a phone book? You know that local customers looking for your services are looking for information online with their phones. The only question is, who will they find? Will it be you, or one of your competitors instead?

Search engine marketing is vital to your business and good services aren’t cheap, so you should look carefully for an SEO expert to help you. Here are four key things to seek in a search engine optimization firm. These are:

1) Your SEO firm should tailor its services to the unique needs of your business. Client needs vary according to the size and scope of their businesses and the specific markets they serve. The marketing services needed by a local plumber are not the same ones needed by a regional clothing chain.

2) An SEO firm should help you with on-site optimization as well as external link building. Both are essential to success. An SEO expert should be knowledgeable about how users seek information online. He should leverage this understanding to identify the best keyword terms in search marketing for your business. A search firm must also help you best incorporate these terms into the pages of your site and organize the internal linking structure within your site. These things will help users, and the search engines, understand what your business is really about.

3) The SEO firm must develop a coherent, continuing strategy for external link building. Over time, this builds the reputation of your business within the search engines and more broadly within your industry. Black hat tricks that can lead to short term success – and long term disaster – should be avoided. Your SEO firm should use proven tactics known to give long term success in search rankings.

4) SEO experts must keep abreast of trends in this constantly evolving industry. Leaders in your SEO firm must be actively involved with industry mastermind groups. This will help them avoid wasting your time and money on marketing techniques that are no longer effective.

Page1Lock promises to do each of these things for each of our clients. Let us help you lock in page 1 rankings. We’ll even provide a free initial consultation and web site analysis. Just complete our online Discovery Form so we can get started!

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